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A La Carte Services

A La Carte Services

Time by the Hour

We believe design is about having an open mind

Let us help guide you and find the zest that lies within the walls of your home.

on site consultation • min. of 2 hrs. • follow up notes on consultation


Color, Pattern, Texture

We believe when these three ingredients are seamlessly fused together, they create absolute balance in a space.

Our designers will create the perfect mixture of materials and finishes that reflect your way of living.

max. of 4hrs on site consultation • flooring, wood, counterstops, hardware, finishes


Paint Palette

We believe color can transform a space to better fit you and your lifestyle

Your designer will provide a test to discover your color personality. Choose from a tempting palette of options to achieve color harmony throughout your home.

on site consultation • paint samples • room spec. for paint colors • 30 min. presentation


Look Book

We believe in catering to what inspires you.

Get the look with style and confidence using your personal look book and shopping list to your favorite stores.

on site consultation • full room design •1 hr presentation • look book with all specs.


Floor Plan

We believe that no matter the style or size of your room, there's always a way to make it comfortable.

Let one of our designers conceptualize a space that provides form and function for your room. Use ideas from our layouts to design a room from scratch,or recreate your space

on site consultation •two floor plans to scale • 1 hr. presentation


The Works

We believe a home reflects what matters most.

• Full interior design service •
Let our designers create an inclusive dwelling through a full custom design that reflects the way you live.

on site consultation • 3 design options presented •ordering, purchasing, and installation

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• gift certificate available •

• add a little green •

sustainable design from GREEN accredited professionals

• dress up your windows •

custom hard & soft window coverings
Hunter Douglas
free quotes

• project management •

coordinate remodels & new builds
hourly rate applies

• relocation specialist •

your move-in concierge

• shake it up •

repurpose furnishings & remix accessories
hourly rate applies

• ToGo •

package anything virtually

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